How to Make a Small Bouquet of Flowers (2024)

These Small Bouquet of Flowers are fabulous for Mother’s Day gifts, weddings, graduation, birthdays, etc. And since these are mini-bouquets, they’re easy and quick to create. The petite floral arrangements include store-bought, flower market, and garden flowers.

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If you’re putting together a cute simple small flower bouquet for yourself or someone special, the best part is that you get to make it totally your own. It’s all about adding your personal touch, letting your creativity flow, and feeling awesome when you see the end result of your one-of-a-kind flower arrangement.

I absolutely love flowers! We have them growing in our backyard and I draw my inspiration from them. I quickly noticed that not all of you have a profeciency toward how to make a flower bouquet arrangment. So, I decided to share my tips and tricks with you today.

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Small Bouquets of Flowers

With summer just around the corner, I think this floral DIY is great, no matter the season. I’m a huge fan of flowers, and let me tell you, making small bouquets is easy and so much fun!

You know those cute little flower arrangements they sell at Whole Foods? They can cost around $25! I get it if you’re short on time, but trust me, with just a little effort, you can make your own bouquets to give as gifts or spruce up your home.

I’m excited to share my designs with you and how to make flower bouquet arrangement that are small and simple. I hope this post inspires you to create your own beautiful and simple flower bouquet!

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And if you’re tired of gifting chocolates, why not give a cute and pretty bouquet? Most everyone loves flowers, and you can provide this simple small flower bouquet without breaking the bank.

A Few Floral Tips

  • Don’t stress about the flowers: No need to stress go with the flow and use whatever flowers you can find in the stores and your garden. Embrace the beauty of the blooms that catch your eye and let your creativity blossom with the available options. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the process and creating something uniquely beautiful!
  • Choose a color scheme: Decide on a color palette that complements the occasion or the recipient’s preferences. Stick to two or three main colors to keep the bouquet visually cohesive.
  • Vary the textures: Incorporate flowers with different textures to add visual interest to your bouquet. Mix smooth petals with fluffy blooms or incorporate delicate filler flowers for a textural contrast.
  • Consider flower size and shape: Select flowers of varying sizes and shapes to create depth and dimension in your bouquet. Combine larger focal flowers with smaller secondary flowers for a balanced arrangement.
  • Add greenery strategically: Use greenery sparingly to enhance the overall look of the bouquet. It can provide a backdrop to showcase the flowers and add a touch of freshness. Place it evenly throughout the bouquet, avoiding an excessive amount that may overwhelm the flowers.
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  • Give your blossoms a fresh look by trimming off any wilted or old flower petals. This simple step will rejuvenate the blooms and make them look even more vibrant and lively.
  • Trim stems on the diagonal and remove any excess leaves. This allows for good water uptake, and all the energy goes into the blossom. Also, pay attention to stem length: Trim the stems to a uniform length to achieve a neat and professional appearance.
  • If possible, include a flower with a captivating fragrance in your bouquet. The addition of a beautifully scented bloom can lift the spirits in a truly positive way.

Let’s take a look at the flowers and fillers I used!

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White Ranunculus, Pink Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, Peonies, English Roses


I chose a delightful flower collection focused on shades of pink! These soft and old-fashioned blooms are the perfect choice for creating small flower bouquets that exude an extra special charm.

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Variegated Hostas Leaves, Eucalyptus, Baby’s Breath


To enhance my flower arrangement, I included some lovely greenery as fillers. I used delicate baby’s breath, fragrant eucalyptus, and lush hosta leaves to add texture and depth to the bouquet.

Just a quick reminder: when using fillers like baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and hosta leaves, remember to use them sparingly. The idea is to enhance the flowers without overpowering them.


What is a small bouquet of flowers called?

According to Wikipedia, a small bouquet is: Anosegay, posy, or tussie-mussieis a small flower bouquet, typically given as a gift. They have existed in some form since at least medieval times, when they were carried or worn around the head or bodice. Doilies are traditionally used to bind the stems in these arrangements.

What is a Posy Bouquet?

A posy bouquet is a small and compact arrangement of flowers, typically characterized by its rounded shape.
It is often hand-tied and consists of a variety of blooms, foliage, and sometimes filler flowers. Posy bouquets are popular for their simplicity and elegance. They can be created using a single type of flower or a combination of different flowers, depending on personal preference. These bouquets are perfect for intimate gatherings, as bridesmaid bouquets, or as charming gifts for loved ones.

What size is a Small Bouquet?

he size of a small bouquet of flowers can vary depending on personal preference and the specific context. Generally, a small bouquet would typically consist of a handful of flowers, typically around 10 to 15 stems. The bouquet may have a diameter of approximately 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 centimeters) and a length of around 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 centimeters). However, it’s important to note that the size can be adjusted based on individual preferences and the desired aesthetic. Some may prefer even smaller bouquets, while others may consider slightly larger arrangements as small bouquets. Ultimately, the size of a small bouquet can be flexible and adaptable to suit various occasions and personal tastes.

How do I keep my wedding flowers fresh?

Prepare the flowers by hydrating them in clean water for a few hours. Consider using soaked floral foam as a water source in the bouquet base. Lightly mist the bouquet throughout the day for added moisture. Place the stems in a vase with water when not in use. Store the bouquet in a cool, shaded area to avoid wilting. If possible, use floral preservative in the misting water to prolong flower freshness.

How much does a small bouquet of flowers cost?

The cost of a small bouquet of flowers can vary depending on factors such as the type of flowers used, the size of the bouquet, and the location. On average, a small bouquet of flowers can range from around $25 to $60.

How to Make a Bouquet – Step by Step

Make these adorable petite floral arrangements for your home, gifts, weddings, and special events. Here are nine bouquets that are easy to create, and the flower combinations are unique and beautiful.

Step 1 – Choose Flowers

Pick out the flowers for your small bouquet. Place them together and position them to create a good composition.

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Step 2 – Tie Them Together

Use floral tape or rubber bands: Secure the stems of your bouquet with floral tape or rubber bands to hold the arrangement together. This helps maintain the desired shape and prevents the flowers from shifting.

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Step 3 – Add a Ribbon

To give your bouquet a charming finishing touch, wrap a lovely ribbon around the stems and secure it with a beautiful pearl pin. If you prefer, you can use glue to keep it in place.

If you’re creating the bouquet as a gift for a friend, consider adding a pretty tag to make it even more special and personalized.

Here are nine small bouquets of flowers.

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A Spring Bouquet

Pink Stock, Orange Ranunculus, Pale Pink Roses

This small bouquet of flowers features a distinctive combination of colors and blooms, capturing the essence of freshness and springtime. It’s a unique arrangement that brings a touch of vibrancy and beauty.

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Small Bouquet of Roses

White Roses, Purple Lavender

This small bouquet combines the classic beauty of white roses with the calming presence of lavender. The mix of white blooms and soothing lavender creates a lovely arrangement that has a delightful fragrance.

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Little Bouquet of Flowers and Eucalyptus

Purple Stocks, Pale Pink Sweet Peas, Orange Ranunculus, and Eucalyptus

Fall in love with this adorable small arrangement that combines purple stock flowers, pale pink sweet peas, pretty orange ranunculus, and fresh eucalyptus.

The vibrant purple and soft pink blooms create a delightful contrast, while the eucalyptus adds a touch of greenery for a perfectly balanced look. It’s a charming mix of colors and textures that adds a vibrant pop to this small bouquet!

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Bouquet of Sweet Pea Flowers with Hosta Leaves

Pale Pink Sweet Peas, Hosta Leaves

The delicate pastel hue of the sweet peas brings a soft and romantic touch, while the lush hosta leaves surround the sweet peas and add a contrasting greenery that complements the blooms perfectly. Together, they create a stunning and harmonious display of elegance and natural beauty.

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Simple Bouquet of Flowers with Baby’s Breath

White Roses, White Ranunculus, Baby’s Breath, and Eucalyptus

This cute bouquet radiates elegance and simplicity, filled with white roses, delicate baby’s breath, sweet-smelling white sweet peas, fresh eucalyptus, and charming white ranunculus.

The white roses bring an air of grace, while the baby’s breath adds a delicate touch. The sweet peas fill the air with a sweet old fashioned fragrance, and the eucalyptus and ranunculus add a touch of greenery and extra beauty to complete this absolutely gorgeous arrangement.

I had an absolute blast crafting all these beautiful simple flower bouquets.

And I genuinely hope they have sparked your inspiration to dive into flower arranging and whip up a stunning bouquet of your own!

There’s something incredibly awesome about arranging flowers, so I encourage you to tap into your creativity and have a fun time creating your small floral bouquet. Let your imagination bloom and enjoy the journey of creating a gorgeous arrangements!


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