Emergency Communications (2024)

FY 2023-24 Budget

Mission Statement

Emergency Communications (911):

To support the City of Rochester’s Mission, Vision, and Values by serving as the vital link between the citizens and public safety agencies of the City of Rochester and Monroe County. We strive to collect and disseminate all requests for service in a prompt, courteous, and efficient manner for all our customers. Through our actions, we help save lives, protect property, and assist the public in its time of need.

311/One Call to City Hall:

To support the City of Rochester’s Mission, Vision, and Values by:

  • Being Accessible

-The 311 Call Center provides our stakeholders with the highest level of customer service for fast and easy access to services and information provided by the City of Rochester.

  • Being Accountable

-The 311 Call Center helps City departments improve their service delivery by enabling them to focus on their core competencies and the efficient management of their workforce.

  • Enabling Transparency

-The 311 Call Center provides necessary data to departments for their analysis of requests that have come through the Call Center.


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Departmental Highlights

Emergency Communications (911):

The proposed budget for Administration and Operations is based on the funding level requested by Emergency Communications for the 2023 County Budget. There is a six-month overlap in fiscal years between the City and County. The budgets of the City and County will be closely monitored to ensure that County funding is sufficient for the entire fiscal year.

The Emergency Communications Department (ECD) continues to work with Monroe County and user agencies to build on the capabilities of the new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. During 2022, improvements were made to the mobile system as well as several interfaces to improve reliability.

In 2022, ECD, Monroe County, and American Medical Response (AMR) implemented the Nurse Navigator Program (NNP). The NNP assigns low acuity medical 911 calls to a licensed nurse and matches the patient’s needs to appropriate resources. ECD, Monroe County, and AMR continue to work in collaboration to improve on an already successful implementation.

ECD continues to collaborate with the Department of Human Resource Management to develop and enhance recruitment strategies in an effort to improve hiring success. New hire classes are planned for the fall 2023 and spring 2024.

311/One Call to City Hall:

311 is collaborating with Information Technology (IT) to upgrade its service request software to the most current version. The upgrade will create a portal for our customers and constituents to enter service requests, view the status of service requests, and look up information in a new knowledgebase.

Live representatives will continue to be available seven days per week, Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and Saturday - Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Emergency Communications (2)

Emergency Communications (911)


  • External: Rochester and Monroe County residents, businesses, visitors, and travelers

  • Internal: City of Rochester and Monroe County police, fire, and emergency medical service agencies, Person In Crisis (PIC) team, and Forensic Intervention Team (FIT)

The City operates the 911 Center under contract with Monroe County. The County funds Administration and Operations activities while the City funds Facility Maintenance and capital building improvements. The 911 Operating Practices Board (OPB), comprised of representatives from government, public safety, private sector, and citizens, provides advisory policy recommendations to the Center.

Critical Processes:

  • Answer, collect information, and document all calls to 911

  • Provide processed 911 call data and event documentation services for all police, fire, and emergency medical service agencies in the city of Rochester and Monroe County

  • Provide dispatch and communication services for participating agencies, including FIT and PIC

  • Provide primary and in-service training for personnel

  • Prepare and monitor the budget

  • Perform planning, personnel, purchasing, and research functions

  • Oversee facility maintenance and repair

  • Provide NYS Discovery Law information to Monroe County District Attorney’s Office

311/One Call to City Hall


  • External: All those who currently or potentially could live, visit, or do business in Rochester

  • Internal: City of Rochester departments

Critical Processes:

  • Answer and provide information for non-emergency calls

  • Retrieve up-to-date information to respond to all City-related inquiries

  • Provide appropriate avenues for public information and services

  • Submit service requests to appropriate City departments

  • Provide responses to case inquiries

  • Report on Call Center performance

Strategic Initiatives

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

CALEA - Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.

NYSSA - New York State Sheriffs' Association

Appropriation by Major Object

Appropriation by Activity

Year to Year Comparison

PROGRAM and Service Level CHANGES

The Emergency Communications Department will complete background checks for their own employees for a period of two years, per the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the City of Rochester and the Rochester Police Locust Club.

Personnel Summary: Full Time

Personnel Summary: Other than Full Time

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Emergency Communications (2024)
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