18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (2024)

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Have you been given the honour of hosting an online bridal shower to commemorate your best girl’s move from Miss to Mrs?

Traditionally, the mother of the bride organizes this milestone party but more recently the job has been passed to friends.

Regardless of who is planning the digital soiree, this guide shares the best free virtual bridal shower games featuring popular options with a wedding twist and unique games that will surprise even the most avid wedding crasher!

Most games require minimal resources, however, some do need prior planning so read through the virtual bridal shower games ideas with time to source materials. We’ve created a section for quick options if you are frantically scouring for easy games.

While this article predominantly focuses on bridal shower virtual games, all of the suggestions can be used for online bachelorette parties too.

If this is your first time hosting virtual bridal shower games to play on Zoom or other conference call apps, scroll to the bottom to read our tips.

Also, let us do the bach party prep for you! Here’s our bachelorette games, dares, and .

Table of Contents

  • Quick Virtual Wedding Shower Games
  • Guess the Memory
  • Truth or Dare
  • Charades
  • Guess the Dress Bridal Shower Game
  • Bridal Pictionary
  • Bridal Bingo – Four Fun Versions
  • What’s In My Purse?
  • Name That Wedding Song
  • Virtual Bridal Shower Games That Require Preparation
  • Bridal Shower Jeopardy
  • Would She Rather – The Bride Edition
  • Would They Rather
  • Bridal Mad Libs
  • Virtual Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt
  • Say Yes To The Toilet Paper Dress
  • Guess The Kisses For The Mrs.
  • Who Knows The Bride Best?
  • Friend Feud
  • Memory Game
  • Bridal Scramble
  • Virtual Bridal Shower Games to Play on Zoom and Other Apps

Quick Virtual Wedding Shower Games

Guess the Memory

This is a great game for recalling your fondest memories with the bride.

It is wonderful for bringing the group closer together!

Instead of the guests winning points, it is all on the bride to guess correctly whose memory she is part of.

How to Play Guess the Memory

Each group member anonymously shares their fondest memory with the host.

An easy way to do this is to have all members send the written memory to the host via a Google Doc then the host compiles all the memories together on one sheet that they can read from.

If this a last minute shower, have the the guests message you their memory privately in the comments section of Zoom.

Next, the host reads one memory and the bride guesses whose memory that is.

Required Materials

A location to anonymously share memories with the host.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (1)

Truth or Dare

Everyone knows Truth or Dare and it is still a super fun game to play either in-person or remote!

The host prepares a list of truth or dare questions or has the guests send five truths and five dares via comments if they don’t have time to create a list.

How to Play Truth or Dare

Each member of the group chooses either truth or dare, or you let them spin this wheel to choose their fate!

Depending on where the wheel falls, they either have to answer a question or perform a dare.

You can read our list of bachelorette dares, dares for friends, or dares over text and adapt them for quickness.

Required Materials

Truth questions and dares list.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (2)


Everyone loves a great game of charades and it also makes a great fun bridal shower game.

This version of charades will be bridal-themed and delivered over a screen so get your best acting pants on.

The good thing about charades over Zoom is that the host can silence people!

How to Play Bridal Charades

Prepare a list of bridal-themed charade phrases which could include popular terms, wedding items, wedding puns, wedding-related movies and songs.

Then, have each member act out a word and then finally the phrase, you can send the phrase by private message.

The person who guesses the fastest wins!

You can use the comments section for answers so you can easily see the timestamp.

Again, if you are looking for social distancing bridal shower games just before the party kicks off, get the guests to do the legwork by asking them to privately send the host ten charade ideas each.

Required Materials

Your bridal charade list.

Guess the Dress Bridal Shower Game

This free virtual bridal shower game is for the creative bridal brigade members!

However, it only works if the girls haven’t seen the bride’s dress yet so we’ve thrown in an alternative if the bride has been snap sharing happy.

Guests draw the dress the think the bride will walk down the aisle in.

The design that matches the actual dress wins!

How to Play Guess The Dress

Have everyone use a digital or paper drawing tool to simply sketch out the dress.

Then they share the finished product with the group.

The dress that is closest to the wedding dress design wins.

If the party have seen the dress, you could use a wedding dress a celeb has worn instead.

Required Materials

All guests must have a way to draw-either digitally or just on paper they have at home.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (3)

Bridal Pictionary

This is a great game for drawing bride themed things and having all guests guess the name of what’s being drawn.

There are many free Pictionary websites online like Skribbl, Drawasaurus, or Drawaria.

Or, you can simply have one person share their screen and start drawing on Zoom while everyone else guesses.

How to Play

Use an online pictionary website or simply have someone share their screen and start drawing!

Then, have everyone guess what it could be.

The person or team who gets the most correct guesses wins.

Required Materials

Something to draw with digitally.

Bridal Bingo – Four Fun Versions

A timeless game, bingo can be played from anywhere and on so many different topics!

You can organize this game of bingo before the event or if you are in a rush, have the I do crew create their own boards.

We’ll explain how below.

How to Play Bridal Bingo

There are four ways to play Bridal Bingo.

The first version is pretty casual.

Distribute bingo cards which include words that will probably come up in conversation while the bridal shower takes place for example ‘bride’, ‘groom’, ‘I do’.

Check out these cards as an example.

If you can’t get hard copy bingo sheets to the virtual bridal shower gang before the party, there is always digital files!

The second version of Bridal Bingo is more structured.

Distribute your pre-prepared bingo sheets by post or electronically.

Ask the girls to get the bingo cards out and the host calls out questions, then the guests look to their bingo cards for the answer.

For example, “The name of the bride’s first pet” or, if you want to include the whole wedding party “Someone who hates eating tomatoes.”

Since the latter version is more personal, it is one of the better bridal shower game ideas for getting to know all the women attending the wedding.

The third version is a huge cheat option used by teachers who haven’t prepared an assessment!

The host writes/types up at least 16 words associated with the wedding couple or the group on phone notes, a Google Doc, or Canva and displays it via shared screen.

They then ask guests to draw a table with nine boxes, three up and three along.

Next, the guests choose nine words from the 16 on display and adds each word to a box.

The host reads out the question to the answers in the box and the guests score it off if they have it.

For all three options, whoever scores off a vertical or horizontal lines shouts BINGO and if they get every item they shout HOUSE!

You can also make this one of social distancing bridal shower games that involves booze – this is our fourth and final version of Bridal Bingo.

Make the bride’s ride or dies take a sip whenever a word is said throughout the virtual bridal shower or down a drink when one standout phrase like ‘wife’ or ‘Mrs.’ is mentioned.

Required Materials

Generic bridal shower bingo sheets or unique bingo cards created for each member with facts about members of the bridal party.

Bing also features in our in person bachelorette games guide.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (4)

What’s In My Purse?

Compare the essentials each of the group carries in their purses and award points for specific items.

Make the points system up yourself or download from Etsy.

How to Play What’s In My Purse

DIY What’s In My Purse list may include items and points such as:

  • Lipstick – 1 point
  • Cellphone – 5 points
  • Rotten fruit – minus 10 points
  • Protection – 50 points

Required Materials

List of possible purse items.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (5)

Name That Wedding Song

Test your guests music knowledge by having them name the song!

These songs could be love or wedding-focused, or simply just the wedding couples favorite tunes.

Wedding themed songs could be:

  • Marry You by Bruno Mars
  • Chapel of Love by the Dixie Cups
  • Let’s Get Married by Al Green
  • I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by Abba
  • Never Worn White by Katy Perry

How to Play Name That Wedding Song

Pick out ten songs using a mix of tunes you know the group is familiar with and some harder options.

Play each of your chosen songs for a short period of time- usually around 3-8 seconds.

Then, each person can guess the name of the song.

If you want to make this more difficult, have them name the creator of the song too!

Required Materials

Something to play the songs with, Zoom sound quality isn’t great so keep this in mind and YouTube videos have ads.

Each guest should be able to write or type out their answers too.

You may also like our music quizzes which include 90s music and 00s lyrics quiz!

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (6)

Virtual Bridal Shower Games That Require Preparation

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

Just like the super popular tv show,your group can have fun playing Bridal Shower Jeopardy.

How to Play Bridal Shower Jeopardy

Make your own free bridal shower jeopardy template or purchase one like this on Etsy for quickness.

Your own version should have five categories.

For example:

  • The Bride
  • The Groom
  • The Couple
  • The Wedding
  • Wedding Trivia

Or if your bride-to-be doesn’t like being the center of attention:

  • Love songs
  • First date movies
  • Rom-com novels
  • Unlikely couples
  • Realty TV duos

The sections underneath each category should have points and questions related to the category topic hidden below the value.

The harder the question, the higher the points.

You can also create a Final Jeopardy question which is worth the highest amount of points.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (7)

Split the bridal part into teams to compete against each other.

Have each member choose a category and a point value.

Each member gives the answer and whoever gets the most points wins the prize!

Required Materials

Your prepared Jeopardy questions, which can be homemade or bought online.

If you are a bit of whizz kid with the ole’ PowerPoint, Bridal Shower Jeporady can be created on that and shared with the bridal party using the shared screen option on Zoom or other conference call apps.

Now that you have what you need, have fun playing our Bridal Jeopardy Questions.

Would She Rather – The Bride Edition

This is a great game to test your guests knowledge of the bride!

This involves “or” questions like “sunny day or snow day” in which each guest fills out and circles the one they think the bride would rather have from a big list.

How to Play Would She Rather

Create a list of “or” questions.

Distribute the list to each member and give them time to fill it out.

The person who gets the most right wins!

Required Materials

Empty would she rather lists for each member and the guide sheet filled out by the host used to grade each members answers with.

You can do this electronically using the likes of Google Docs or make a fancier version on Canva, they have templates.

We have hundreds of examples in our would you rather lists.

  • Would you rather – friends
  • Would you rather – best friends
  • Would you rather – couples
  • Would you rather – girls
  • Would you rather – clean
18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (8)

Would They Rather

The same as Would She Rather but with a focus on the couple.

Would they rather have kids or dogs, would they rather go bar hopping or kayaking, etc.

Feel free to adapt our list of This or That Questions for Would She Rather and Would They Rather!

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (9)

Bridal Mad Libs

This game involves coming up with different types of words to fill in the blank of a full story!

How to Play Bridal Mad Libs

Create a story about the bride, couple or wedding day and include blanks throughout the story.

You can keep it simple by asking teams to fill in the blanks or you can turn up the heat, and hilarity, by providing batches of words which teams have to insert.

Alternatively, have each team come up with a series of words before they see the story and pass the words to the opposing team and vice versa.

Then the teams have to build a story, filling in the blanks, using the words that the opposite team gave them.

Finally, the host will read the full story and award points.

Required Materials

Your desired Mad Lib story and words depending on what version you play.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (10)

Virtual Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

The name of the game is speed.

Have all members of the party find common items throughout their home and if they’re able to return back to their computer in time, they get a point.

How to Play Virtual Shower Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items everyone could locate around their home like a duster, a plant, a blue pen, a glass, or a white shirt.

Then, give everyone a certain amount of time to find the items.

Whoever returns back with the most items in the fastest amount of time wins.

To make virtual wedding shower game more bridal focused you could add wedding themed challenges such as:

  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
  • An item that could be used as an edible garter
  • A makeshift veil
  • A bouquet of flowers but no flowers allowed

Or for an even bigger challenge, scavenger hunt items that represent wedding puns!

  • Mint to be
  • You’re getting meow-ied
  • Are you French? Because Eiffel for you
  • Get them to come up with the item and the pun then explain it

Required Materials

A list of common household items and a creative bride squad!

You can find items to find with categories in our guide to bridal shower scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts also feature in our Zoom games for all guide.

Say Yes To The Toilet Paper Dress

This is normally an in-person bridal game, but it is easily translatable to the virtual world!

For this game, you’ll have each guest demonstrate their creative toilet paper dress skills.

How to Play Say Yes To The Toilet Paper Dress

Give each member of the group time to craft their perfect toilet paper dress.

Then, share each one on camera walking down their hallway runway!

Alternatively, to save paper, ask the I do crew to find alternatives to make the perfect wedding dress which isn’t a wedding dress.

For example, pillows, bags, flowers…

Required Materials

Toilet paper or other wedding dress-like items.

Guess The Kisses For The Mrs.

This will test your gals number estimating abilities!

Put chocolate kisses or any other differently sized item into a jar then have your guests guess the amount.

How to Play Guess The Kisses

Prepare a jar or a couple of jars full of one item in each, traditionally chocolate kisses.

Hold up the jar to the camera and maybe have an item next to it for scale.

Have each guest submit their guesses and whoever is closest wins!

Required Materials

A jar full of an item of your choice and a count of the amount of the item in the jar.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (11)

Who Knows The Bride Best?

In this game, you’ll test the bridal party on who knows the bride best which should recall some lovely memories.

How to Play Who Knows The Bride Best?

Prepare both easy and hard trivia questions about the bride-to-be.

Then, see who can answer the fastest!

This could be created like a pub quiz with different rounds such as general knowledge, stages of life, music round featuring double time versions of songs she loves, and a photo round.

For the phot round, you could share a series of photos of the future wifey and instruct the teams to organize them into a timeline starting from baby pics up until today.

Required Materials

Varied trivia all about the bride from birth until present day and pictures too.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (12)

Friend Feud

Family Feud (Family Fortunes in the UK) is a very popular game show and if you haven’t heard of it, watch a few episodes- it’s very entertaining!

Producers survey the public and ask them to answer questions.

They then rank the answers from most popular to least.

Contestants, who make up two separate teams from different families, guess the most popular response to a survey question, and each family gets to play until an answer is missed.

Since you may or may not be playing with family, it has been renamed to Friend Feud!

How to Play Friend Feud

Create a Family Feud style PowerPoint with a question at the top of the slide.

Set it up so possible answers appear at the mouse tap.

Questions can be about the bride, the couple, general wedding trivia, or something more lighthearted like the decade most of the bridal party grew up in.

If you are focusing on the bride or couple for the theme, you will need to ask them to complete a survey or provide facts before you write the questions.

Example questions could be: “What spot does the bride’s dog like to visit the most” with the possible answers being “the beach”, “the dog park”, or “the dinner table”.

Then, have the guests guess individually or in teams. w

Whoever gets the most points wins.

Required Materials

A homemade Family Feud template adapted for Friend Feud.

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (13)

Memory Game

Test your guests memory skills by having your bach party remember a series of things, photos, or words most important to the bride!

Include pictures of her favorite things, pets, first names of group members, or wedding items.

How to Play

Create a photo album or PowerPoint of the chosen photos, items, words, or names.

Make sure there are 10+ things to really test their memorization skills!

Then, screen share during your Zoom or conference call and flash them quickly on the screen, only allowing each item to show for a second or two.

Have each person write down or type out the things they remembered.

The one who remembers the most wins!

Required Materials

Deck of items to remember and a place for guests to write down everything they remembered.

Bridal Scramble

There are many free word scramble generators online that make it effortless to create different variations of Bridal Scramble for guests to solve.

The words included could be related to the relationship, the bride’s favorite hobbies, the friends at the virtual bachelorette party, or simply bride or wedding related words.

How to Play

Type your desired words into the word scramble generator and it will create a mix-matched puzzle of boxes for each letter of the words with all words interlocking.

Then, you can send the Bridal Scramble to all of the guests and they can either complete it digitally or print it out at home.

Required Materials

A free word scramble generator and list of words to add.

Virtual Bridal Shower Games to Play on Zoom and Other Apps

Organizing a Zoom party can seem daunting at first but the following tips will help put you at ease and your party run smoothly!

The conference calling app, Zoom is the most popular option for hosting a virtual party as it has lots of features that are great for online group events.

Before the bridal party, log in to Zoom and get used to the basic features such as accepting guests to the party, muting guests, commenting, and sharing your screen.

If the virtual bridal shower is to last more than 40 minutes you will need to have access to a premium Zoom account.

Other free options which are similar but don’t offer quite as much functionality are Google Meet and Signal.

You can share the Zoom wedding shower link to the before the event takes place and also tell the guests what resources they will need such as access to Zoom, pens, paper, alcohol, and any dress requirements.

It is handy if you have a partner who is helping you host the virtual bridal party because they can gather answers from the comments, add up scores, and let people in when the inevitable happens and WiFi cuts out for some guests.

Give all of the guests your number and the helper’s number just in case there are any entry issue!

Another useful tip is to have scoring resources created beforehand so you or the helper can quickly count up marks and announce winners.

Depending on how many games you are playing, you may need several score sheets.

Also, prizes! You will need to think about what prizes people can win and how they get them.

Finally, some things will go wrong so don’t stress too much about it!

Have a list of must-do virtual bridal games and a separate list of games you could do if there is time that way there won’t be a lull.

Do you have any tips to include in our virtual games for bridal shower guide? Tell us in the comments!

18 Free Virtual Bridal Shower Games: Quick, Easy & Fun | Games & Trivia Quizzes (14)

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